Nigeria Singer and Rapper Rema Is Not Dead!

Nigeria Singer and Rapper Rema Is Not Dead!


Nigeria Singer and Rapper is not dead. There has been a trending rumor on the internet that the singer, Rema is dead. The biggest world’s free online encyclopedia, Wikipedia, has made a devastating blunder by reporting that fast-rising Nigeria singer, Divine Ikubor is also known as Rema has died.

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Rema Not Dead

The online platform made the error in reporting that the singer passed on at exactly 12:29 am on 1st February.

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However, reports claimed that the error was on the part of one of the platform’s writers who made the error while updating the singer’s profile.

Rema is Alive. see proof.

The error has since been corrected with the singer being the most searched in the last 10 hours following the blunder.


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