Storekeepers Job Vacancy at the Ministry of Solicitor General, Canada


If working in one of the federal parastatals in Canada sounds appealing to you, then I guess this would definitely be worth giving a try. Ministry of Solicitor General, Canada, and other renowned establishments in the country is currently hiring series of qualified personnel to join their dynamic team as a storekeeper.

Ministry of Solicitor General is an equal opportunity employer as there is no basis for discrimination throughout the employment process in regards to gender, nationality, race, religion, sex, gender and all others as protected by the law.

Who is a Storekeeper?

A storekeeper is an individual who is charged with the responsibility of effective management, maintenance, and organization of storerooms. He’ll be responsible for the effective performance of daily routine and specific activities in the store. He’ll handle the receiving and distribution of packages and products and the verification and inspection of packages to be received and send out. The storekeeper will also be required to keep and maintain proper inventory of the storeroom stocks, issuance of invoice or receipt for every distributed packages or products and the proper and effective sorting and arrangement of the store.

Storekeeper Job at the Ministry of Solicitor General

Job LocationToronto, Ontario
Job TypeFull Time and Part Time
Required Educational QualificationHigh School Diploma
Minimum Age Qualification18 years
Hiring CompanyMinistry of Solicitor General
Shift Hours7.30am – 4.30pm (30 – 35 hours per week)
PayUpto $900 per week

Job Responsibilities of Storekeeper at the Ministry of Solicitor General

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Successful candidates are required to effectively perform following functions

  • Effective management, maintenance and organization of storerooms
  • Effective performance of daily routine and specific activities in the store
  • Receiving and distribution of packages and products in the store
  • Proper inspection of packages to be received and send out
  • Keeping and maintenance of proper inventory of the storeroom stocks
  • Issuance of invoice or receipt for every distributed packages or products
  • Proper and effective sorting and arrangement of the store
  • Keep the storeroom clean and orderly always
  • Effective reconciliation of purchase orders
  • Emptying and disposal of trash cans and debris
  • Proper tracking and documentation of received orders
  • Coordinate the movement of equipment within the store
  • Regular verification of invoice with order
  • Packing and sorting of orders in the store
  • Regular updating of the store records
  • Follow effectively set rules in the operation of the store
  • Keep all equipment in proper and effective order
  • Perform diligently all other assigned duties and responsibilities
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Qualifications and Skills Required


Successful candidates will be required to meet the pre-requisite skills and qualifications for the job which are as thus;

  • Although, educational qualification is not a priority, applicants are required to have a minimum of high school diploma
  • Applicant must be authorized to fully work in the country (Canada)
  • Applicant must be 18years or older
  • Previous experience working in a related field is required
  • Applicant must be able to effectively work with other team members
  • Applicant are required to be able to effectively adhere to instructions from the supervisor
  • Exceptional organization skills which will aid the cleaner in the effective sorting and organized of assigned space
  • Applicant are required to have excellent communication skills which would be a plus in communicating with team members and supervisor
  • Excellent flexibility and adaptability skills which would give the applicant the ability to perform any task at any given time
  • Excellent hand to eye coordination skills
  • Applicant are required to have excellent interpersonal skills in the effective building and strengthening of relationships with suppliers and other team members
  • Able to effectively distinguish between colors
  • Applicant must be strong and energetic which would enable the successful candidates to be able to lift heavy objects that may be required in the course of discharging his duty
  • Applicant must be able to work independently and efficiently with other team members
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Farm Workers Required Experience

Farm Workers doesn’t usually required previous experience although previous experience of a year or two would be an added advantage. Applicant with the required skills and can be able to work in diverse work environment can apply and be able to learn on the job.

Physical Requirements of the Farm Worker

All applicants are required to be strong and energetic since they would be required to walk, bend, sit, crawl, climb ladders, and lift heavy objects and lots more during the course of discharging their duty.

Salary Expectation

The salary may vary depending on the qualification and experience. However, on average, successful candidate will earn between $25 – 30 per hour.

Perks and Benefits enjoyed by a Storekeeper

  • Paid sick leave
  • Free uniform and other safety equipment
  • Dental insurance
  • Medical insurance
  • Competitive wage package

How to Apply

Having read through the job duties, the requirements and every other details concerning the job position. I’m poised to believe you’re convinced that you have the pre-requisite skills and experience and would be interested in applying for the position now.

Apply Now!!!



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